Best under Desk Treadmills

Do you spend most of your day sitting at a desk? You can make sitting while working a thing of the past. Inactivity is a great contributor to obesity, and research shows that sitting for prolonged hours can reduce your overall metabolic rate and develop back pain or stiffness.

An under desk treadmill is a great option to improve your posture and keep you active while working in the office or at home. With a folding under desk treadmill, you can walk and burn calories while talking on the phone, reading emails, or working on your computer.

If you’re looking for a better way to keep you engaged while you work, under desk treadmills are an effective solution to keep you healthy and active without disrupting your busy work routine or schedule. Here are some of the best under desk treadmills to keep your muscles active while you hit the tight deadline.

What is an Under Desk Treadmill?

An under desk treadmill is designed to slide underneath your standing desk. This treadmill usually comes with a low speed of between 2.5 and 5 mph. This helps you maintain your balance as you continue with your routine at home or in the office. These treadmills can be used continuously for several hours compared to other treadmills for running.

Why Use an Under Desk Treadmill

Under desk treadmills help you stay active while working by offering you a chance to exercise regularly to keep fit and healthy, especially when you don’t have enough time to hit the gym.

Benefits of Using an Under Desk Treadmill

Higher Focus

An under desk treadmill helps you stay focused on work due to the high blood circulation and maintains your body’s shape. This will eventually enhance your productivity levels.

Improved Metabolism

Consistent and continuous walking instead of sitting will help enhance your metabolism, which will lead to more calories being burned. This is a great way to develop the lean muscles that you want. Having an under desk treadmill can help you lead a healthy life and maintain weight.

Prevents Major Diseases

Exercising regularly minimizes the risks of major heart diseases, diabetes, and hypertension.

Balance and Coordination

An under desk treadmill helps you strengthen your balance and coordination when walking.

Shedding of Extra body Weight

Consistent use of an under desk treadmill is one of the most effective ways to eliminate your extra body weight and stay fit.

Prevents Back Pain and Headaches

Adopting a good body posture, combined with less strain on your muscles and joints, will eliminate headaches and lower back problems.

Improves the State of Mind

Exercising and walking regularly will help improve your state of mind when you feel fatigued or have a busy schedule. An under desk treadmill will help you feel great and energetic. This machine can also increase your sense of confidence level and cognition, leading to better sleep and morale.

Improved Body Posture

Every day walk can help refine your body posture and prevent unnecessary strain on your joints and muscles.

Under Desk Treadmills Buying Guide

If you’re looking for the best under desk treadmill to help you meet your health and fitness needs, here are some factors you should keep in mind. These include:


Frame construction and material affect the treadmill’s stability. A treadmill built with high-quality materials will have less shaking and vibration. The quality of the treadmill belt also enhances the treadmill’s stability. A high-quality treadmill should have sufficient cushioning for shock absorption and a nonslip run surface to reduce falls and injury.

Ease of Use

Under desk treadmills are easy to use, thanks to the remote or app-based speed control features. These features help you to manually adjust your pace while walking. Some treadmills have preset programs that offer automatic speed control that you can choose based on your fitness levels and objectives.


Speed is among the most crucial factors to consider when looking for an under desk treadmill. If you’re looking for a treadmill for when you’re working or walking, choose one that has speeds of 2.5-3mph. However, if you’re a tall guy, you can choose one with around 4mph to help you walk faster.

Treadmill Belt Size

The under-desk treadmill belt size is another crucial factor to consider. Generally, a wider belt is always better. You should go for a belt at least 40″ long and 18″ wide.

Weight Capacity

The right under desk treadmill should have a perfect combination of sturdiness and stability. Compact treadmills come with a weight capacity of 200-300 lbs. If you’re in this weight range, you should look for something with a higher weight capacity.

Size and Storage

Portability and ease of storage are crucial factors to consider when buying an under desk treadmill. You need a machine that can be easily moved and stored. Go for models that are around 7-inch or less in height or have wheels for easy portability.


Whether you’re working at home or in an office, a noisy treadmill with clanking parts will be distracting. You should look for a treadmill with a smooth-running belt and a quiet motor. A 2.25HP motor or less is perfect for walking but should have minimum noise. Motors produce different frequencies and levels of sound, depending on the speed.


Versatility and adjustability are closely related. Some under desk treadmills come with adjustable consoles. Lowering the console helps you walk on the belt when placed under the desk, but raising it allows you to operate the machine at a higher speed for jogging.

You also need to consider your storage space. If you want to store your machine vertically, go for a folding desk treadmill. However, if you want a treadmill that you can slide under a bed or sofa or leave it under your desk, a flat-folding or non-folding option might be a great choice.

Best under Desk Treadmills Reviews

CITYSPORTS Treadmill for Home


If you’re looking for an under desk treadmill to help you walk without disrupting your work schedule, the CITYSPORTS Treadmill for Home is a good bet. This treadmill has a nice and thin design for sliding under your standing desk and helps you walk up to 6 km/hr. It’s equipped with an LCD screen that allows you to track your time, calories, and distance.

The treadmill has two front transportation wheels that make moving it a breeze. With this treadmill, you can adjust the speed as you walk, thanks to its remote control. What’s more, you can enjoy your favorite tunes via Bluetooth using the built-in speakers.



  • Portable and slim
  • Quiet and smooth operation
  • Easy to store


  • Not ideal for running

UMAY Portable Treadmill with Foldable Wheels

UMAY Portable Treadmill

The UMAY Portable Treadmill with Foldable Wheels is designed for small spaces. You can put this treadmill under the bed, standing desk, or your working table. It has six-speed options and a maximum speed of up to 4 mph. This treadmill is powered by a low-noise 1.5HP motor that helps you work out without disturbing your neighbors. It has a remote control that helps you adjust different modes and speeds. It also has an LED display to show time, speed, distance, and calories burned.


  • 41”x16” running deck
  • 198 lbs weight capacity
  • 7 different function layers
  • 1.5HP motor


  • Shock absorbing design
  • Lightweight and easy to move
  • No assembly needed


  • The tread belt can shift and need readjusting

RHYTHM FUN Treadmill Under Desk Treadmill

RHYTHM FUN Treadmill

This under desk treadmill is powered by a strong 1.5HP motor that offers sufficient power for prolonged hours of training. The motorized treadmill belt comes with the real 7-level elastic running platform that’s made of honeycomb running board with silicon structure for durability. This treadmill has a large running deck that gives you a safe, smooth, and stable walking experience. Additionally, the RHYTHM FUN Treadmill Under Desk Treadmill has a workout app that can track the speed, distance, time, and calories you’ve burned.


  • Auto oiling system
  • 1.5HP electric motor
  • Large LED display
  • 47”x18” running belt


  • No assembly required
  • Clear and simple display
  • Quiet operation
  • Highly portable


  • No incline

Goplus Under Desk Treadmill

Goplus Under Desk Treadmill

The Goplus Under Desk Treadmill is a standalone treadmill that doesn’t have an attached desk. The best thing about this treadmill is that you can use any adjustable height desk to work on. This treadmill is affordable, compact, and can support up to 220 pounds. Although it has a smaller tread belt, this increases your desk options. It has a 41″x17″ walking belt and a total surface area of 51.5”x23.5”. With this treadmill, you’ll enjoy speeds of up to 4mph and 12 pre-programmed workout settings.


  • 41”x17” belt size
  • 220lbs weight capacity
  • 1HP motor
  • LED display


  • It can fit in any desk, closet, or bed
  • Affordable
  • Rubber feet increases cushioning


  • It lacks a deck

Conate 2 in 1 Under Desk Electric Treadmill

Conate 2 in 1 Under Desk Electric Treadmill

The Conate 2 in 1 Under Desk Electric Treadmill is specially designed to suit office and home environments to help you enjoy your workouts while still working. It comes with a super thin and light design that makes it highly portable. The built-in LED HD display shows you the time, distance, speed, and calories burned to keep you abreast of your workout status. It’s powered by a powerful, quiet motor that offers you a comfortable and quiet sports environment without annoying others.


  • 1.0HP motor
  • LED HD screen
  • 260 lbs weight capacity
  • Nonslip running belt



  • Some customers complained that they received defective products


Do Treadmill Desks Help You Lose Weight?

Best under Desk Treadmills

The best way to lose weight is by burning more calories than consumed. Consistent use of an under desk treadmill can help in weight loss. However, you need to consult a physician before starting your weight loss journey.


An under desk treadmill is an amazing piece of equipment to help you maintain a consistent workout routine and walking even when you’ve tight deadlines to meet. With these innovative treadmills, you can dedicate yourself to your work without compromising your physical fitness and health. Pick one from the list above and start your fitness journey.