Horizon T101 Treadmill Review

Looking for a way to stay consistent is the main goal of most fitness enthusiasts. If going to the gym is not a viable option, it’s advisable to invest in your own equipment to help you realize your fitness goals. However, buying a new treadmill can be challenging, especially when operating on a budget. Fortunately, Horizon Fitness has got you covered.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Horizon T101 Treadmill.

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About the Horizon T101 treadmill

The Horizon T101 is the company’s most popular treadmill that has everything you need to keep you fit. This treadmill is easy to assemble and available at a good price. It is made from high-quality steel and has a large deck that won’t shake or wobble when working out.

Although it seems to have entry-level comfort, it’s a perfect treadmill for individuals who prefer light or walking to moderate workouts and want a machine with a compact and foldable design. Some of the top features include a Bluetooth speaker system, an incline, a respectable warranty, and an effective workout program.

This treadmill has different programs that will make your workouts interesting and effective. You can choose a workout from the console and use buttons to control your elevation and elevation, and the calories burned are shown in real-time.

Most importantly, the Horizon T101 Treadmill has a lifetime warranty on motor and frame, which is usually found in higher-end treadmills.

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Specs at glance

Motor:2.25 HP
Running Area:20”x55”
Top Speed:10 MPH
Weight Capacity:300 lbs (great treadmill for a plus size person)
Weight:169 pounds
Dimensions:70” L x 34” W x 55” H
Built-in programs 
Warranty:Lifetime warranty on frame and motor,
1-year parts, and labor

What I Like

The Horizon T101 is a budget-friendly, entry-level treadmill that gives easy access to the world of fitness. Its components are better than most treadmill models in the same price range. Here’s what I like about this treadmill.

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The Horizon T101 is a great treadmill that does what it’s designed to do: provide a gently cushioned surface for light jogging and walking. It is powered by a 2.25 HP motor which allows users to enjoy a smooth performance and speeds of up to 10 MPH, which will help you to stroll briskly.

Although the belt is 20-inch in width, the 55-inch length is more tailored toward small striding individuals and may not be suitable for running. The 10% incline provides a challenge to users looking for higher intensity workouts, and the deck offers a PerfectFLEX deck cushioning for better comfort on impact. Although the motor runs quietly, the fan makes some noise at lower speeds. However, this doesn’t change its ability to transit smoothly between various inclines and speeds while in use.

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Although some users love tech-heavy consoles, the Horizon T101 is ideal for people who like a machine with a simplified interface. The buttons are labeled, and it is easy to scroll through the workout options. The three LED windows to indicate your time, calories burned, speed, incline, distance, and heart rate.

It has a Horizon’s exclusive FeatherLIGHT lift combined with two hydraulic shocks to help raise and lower the deck. Additionally, it has Sonic Surround Speakers with MP3 compatibility, a COOLfit workout fan, and pulse grip heart rate monitoring.

Ease of Use

This treadmill is designed for those looking for a machine with an easy control system. The Horizon T101 has well-labeled buttons and is easy to scroll through the workout options. This is a great option for apartments, small homes, college students, or individuals recovering from injuries.


The Horizon T101 can go from 0-10% incline and has quiet operation while changing different incline levels. With this treadmill, you can go for up 10 MPH, and you can either increase your speed by the whole mph by using the main console buttons or by increments with the up/down arrows.

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Exercise programs

The T101 gives you access to nine programming options: three workouts (manual, weight loss, and intervals) and three targets (time, distance, calories).


This treadmill has a lightweight design, making it easy to move. It is foldable, making it easy to store and transport.


The Horizon T101 comes with a respectable warranty at such a price range. It offers a lifetime warranty on frame and motor and one year on labor and parts. This is a great deal with its price tag.

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Horizon T101 Treadmill Review

What I don’t like

  • Short Track: Although the treadmill has a comfortable running deck, it’s a bit short for tall users.
  • Motor: The 2.25 HP motor is perfect for walking and jogging but won’t suit hardcore runners. Additionally, it only supports up to 10mph, which may not meet the demands of fast-paced runners.

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My Verdict:

The Horizon T101 is a great choice for those looking for a treadmill with a simple and reliable design. It has a simple and clean interface and provides options for workout program variations. Although it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles, it’s a great option for light jogging and walking.