Horizon T91 Treadmill Review (Features, Pros and Cons)

Horizon treadmills come with a great combination of reliable, long-lasting components to ensure you get a model that suits your fitness level. The Horizon T91 is no exception. Although the T91 treadmill is ideal for beginners, it is not an entry-level treadmill. It has sufficient power and high-end features to satisfy even the most seasoned runners.

If you’re looking for a machine to help you realize your fitness goal, the Horizon T91 treadmill has got you covered. Here’s everything you need to know about the Horizon T91 treadmill.

Horizon T91 Treadmill Review

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About Horizon T91 Treadmill

Horizon T91 is specially designed as a home treadmill to help fitness enthusiasts get good workouts in the comfort of their homes. Whether it’s during the winter or summer, you can be sure that this treadmill will help you maintain your fitness levels at all times.

This treadmill comes with a durable 2.0 HP motor that is smooth, quiet, and powerful, even at the highest speed. It has nine workout programs that allow you to focus on your goals, including intervals, manual, and rolling hills. If you don’t prefer the preset programs, you can customize your workouts by adjusting the speed from the console and even include incline to test your limits and challenge your workouts.

The Horizon T91 treadmill is an excellent choice for those operating on a budget. However, this treadmill is not ideal for taller guys and has relatively few workout options. This treadmill has a computer console that boasts an orange backlit LCD screen that shows the feedback of your workouts.

Although this is an entry-level treadmill, it’s an excellent option for users who prefer walking or jogging to moderate workouts and are looking for a machine with a sturdy and foldable design.

The best thing about this treadmill is that it has a reliable lifetime warranty on motor and frame and one year on labor and parts.

Specs at a glance

Motor:2.0 HP
Incline:0 to 10%
Running Area:20″ x50″
Top Speed:10 MPH
Weight Capacity:275 pounds
Weight:176 pounds
Dimensions:34″ x58″ x67″
Built-in programs9
Warranty:Lifetime motor and frame warranty; 1-year on labor and parts

What I Like:


The Horizon Fitness T91 is powered by a durable 2.0 HP continuous-duty motor that guarantees a smooth and powerful workout experience. This motor generates sufficient power and runs quieter even during a long workout. Thanks to the 10 MPH max speed, 10% incline range, and AeroSoft air cell cushioning, this treadmill excels in every aspect, making it a great machine for runners of all fitness levels.

This treadmill has a sturdy and stable design that’s not common on budget treadmills. What’s more, it has Horizon’s exclusive FeatherLight lift system that has two hydraulic shocks to help you raise and lower the deck.


The T91 treadmill has an ergonomic and attractive console. The console has an orange backlit LCD screen that tracks your distance and time. Calories burned, and speed. It also comes with a built-in fan to keep you cool when working out. You will also have access to a heart rate grip that helps you monitor your heart rate. Additionally, it incorporates a FeatherLight lift system with hydraulic shocks to make storage a breeze.

Ease of Use:

The T91 is designed to suit those who have limited space and looking for a treadmill with a simple yet sturdy design. This treadmill has an easy-to-use console with simple controls that allow you to switch between the built-in workout options easily. This treadmill is a great option for people living in apartments or small houses.


This treadmill is well-built to withstand even the most intense workout sessions and offers the right balance between firmness and shock absorption. With this treadmill, you’re guaranteed quiet and smooth sessions, even at full sprint.

Exercise programs:

Although this treadmill doesn’t have several workout options, the nine workout programs will help you focus on your workout goals. These programs include intervals, manual, and rolling hills.


The Horizon T91 is built for those with space-deprived rooms. It has a FeatherLight lift system with two hydraulic shocks to help you raise or lower the deck. This makes it easy to store when not in use.


The T91 comes with a lifetime warranty on motor and frame and a one-year warranty on parts and labor. However, the one-year warranty isn’t appealing, but it is acceptable considering the price.

What I don’t like

  • Motor: Although this treadmill has a lifetime warranty on the motor, the 2.0 HP might not handle extensive use.
  • Track Size: The 20″ x50″ tread belt may be too short for tall guys.
Horizon T91 Treadmill Review


Are Horizon treadmills reliable?

If you’re operating on a small to medium budget, Horizon treadmills are great options with high-end features not usually found in the price range.

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My Verdict:

The Horizon T91 is a reliable entry-level treadmill that is highly recommended for beginners and those who want to walk or jog. However, if you’re a taller person or want a machine with numerous workout programs, you might not appreciate what this model has to offer.

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