How to Move a Treadmill Upstairs

A treadmill is an excellent addition to your home gym or in your garage. Home gym equipment allows you to stick to your fitness goals and help you achieve your fitness goals in no time without going to your local gym. As with any equipment or furniture in your home, there is a time you will need to move your treadmill.  

However, moving this machine isn’t an easy task. In fact, even the models that claim to be the lightest are still quite heavy to be carried by one person, especially when moving it upstairs. This equipment should be moved carefully since even the slightest mistake can cost you a fortune.

In this article, I’ll give some tips and tricks to help you move your treadmill upstairs with ease.

Can a Treadmill Go Upstairs?

Most people don’t have issues with the weight of their upper apartments or the second floor of their homes. However, the weight of a treadmill can make some people a bit nervous. But mostly, moving your treadmill upstairs is fine even if you own the heaviest treadmill in the market.

However, there are a few exceptions you need to consider. First, you should not move the treadmill into your attic unless it’s designed for regular use. Attic floors are usually made to accommodate some insulation and storage, so they need proper reinforcement to support a treadmill. Additionally, if you’ve bought a fixer-upper home, you need to ensure that the home’s upper stories are super stable.

Factors to consider before moving the treadmill upstairs

Before you move your treadmill upstairs, there are some factors you need to keep in mind to avoid any damage or injury. Here are some of them:

Size of the treadmill

The most important factor to consider is the size of your treadmill. This will help you plan on how to move it without any damage. A folding treadmill is the easiest to move and doesn’t require skilled labor. If you have a huge, more commercial-style machine, you can seek help from your gym colleague to help you move it.

Available space upstairs

Before moving your treadmill, you need to check whether you have sufficient storage upstairs to support your treadmill and leave enough space for you to work out without squeezing yourself or disorganizing your room.

Weight of the treadmill

Different treadmill models come with various weights. If you have one with a lightweight design, you will have an easy time moving it. However, a heavier treadmill is challenging to move since it has several components that need to be disassembled before moving it upstairs.

Does it have wheels?

If your treadmill has built-in wheels, that makes it easier to move. However, ensure that you maintain an equal balance to ensure that the treadmill doesn’t topple onto you or tip to one side.

Is it foldable?

If you own a foldable treadmill, most of the work is done for you. However, most treadmills in the market require some assembly. Check if you can dismantle the deck from the frame to make moving it effortless. Before dismantling, you need to read the instruction manual keenly.

How to move a treadmill upstairs (steps)

Check the Manual for Instructions

You should always have the instruction manual that comes with your treadmill. Treadmills are designed differently, so before moving them, you need to read the tips on properly taking care of your treadmill and the step-by-step disassembly guide.

If you cannot locate the manual, Google the treadmill model and search the manual. Ensure to check the machine’s weight and check if the treadmill parts can be disassembled and assembled later.

Get Help

After carefully reading the manual, look for some help. It’s not possible to move a treadmill alone, so you can call your neighbors or friends to help you. Preferably, look for someone with some experience in handling heavy machines.

Fold or Dissemble the Treadmill

Ensure that the treadmill is unplugged properly and the cord is well kept. Remove all safety keys. If it’s a foldable treadmill, ensure it is locked well in a folded position. If you want to dismantle the deck from the main frame, ensure that screws are safe. Ensure that you’ll be able to assemble the treadmill again after moving it. If not, look for a professional to help you out.


Is it OK to put a treadmill upstairs?

The answer to this question depends on several factors. But the most important part is to ensure that the building is structurally sound. The floor should be able to hold the weight of the treadmill and the person using it.

How much weight can a second-floor hold?

Again, this depends on the construction of the building. However, a well-built floor can comfortably support 50lbs per square foot. So in a 100 square feet room, you need 5,000lbs of weight before you risk structural damage.

Is it safe to put gym equipment upstairs?

Yes. You can keep gym equipment upstairs, but you should not exceed the load limits of your flooring.

How to Move a Treadmill Upstairs

Final Thoughts

It might seem like an impossible task to move a treadmill, but it’s easier than you think. You can move it alone if you follow the tips above. However, don’t hesitate to contact professional movers if it seems challenging. Your safety should be your priority.